Why you should renew your Health Insurance policy

We have received a (thankfully) small number of questions from health insurance policyholders, questioning if it makes sense to renew their health insurance policy. Our answer is a resounding yes, unless of course you have been significantly impacted by a loss of your job or a reduction in your income. 

Let’s deal with those situations first. If indeed you have been impacted by the Covid-19 crisis and are struggling to pay your health insurance premium, we strongly suggest that you talk to us or your health insurer first before simply not renewing. There are options available to you – cheaper plans and indeed some of the insurers are helping people who are facing a temporary cashflow problem. 

In relation to people who are relatively unaffected financially by the Covid-19 crisis, it definitely makes sense to renew your health insurance policy. Although there are currently some reductions in private treatments during this Covid-19 crisis, treatment for conditions that are considered critical/ time dependent by a Medical Consultant will still happen. We also expect that once the situation improves, routine medical treatment will re-commence. In addition to this, you can continue to access the benefits from your health insurance including unlimited 24/7 access to the likes of Digital Doctor, Nurse on Call and Healthy Minds services.

The health insurers also recently announced that for the period of reduced services, they will be rebating part of each policyholder’s health insurance premium, currently up to the end of June. For more details on this, please see our previous communication here in relation to how Irish Life health are approaching the situation. They said,

“We are reducing our premiums to the maximum possible extent for each and every policyholder whilst at the same time ensuring we are in a position to pay ongoing and future claims. In addition, Irish Life Health customers now have access to an innovative new offering and enhanced benefits to support them in these worrying times. These include a Nurse led remote monitoring and clinical support service for individuals with suspected or actual COVID-19 infection and digital appointments with doctors, consultants and nurses for non-COVID-19 related illnesses.”

These new offerings and enhanced services include the following,

  • Access to a remote Covid-19 monitoring and clinical support service for individuals with suspected Covid-19 and those suffering with symptoms in self-isolation. This nurse-led service is sponsored by Irish Life Health and available to all of our customers.
  • Virtual appointments with doctors, consultants and nurses for non-Coronavirus related illnesses can now be claimed back through your day to day benefits (in line with your Plan benefits). Virtual appointments across many specialities including maternity, paediatrics and mental health may also now be claimed back.
  • In addition, you’ll still have access to our 24/7 Digital Doctor, Nurse on Call and Healthy Minds services.

At Lyons Financial Services, we believe that it is more important than ever to maintain the peace of mind in knowing that you are covered should you have any health related issues. Renewing your health insurance policy is an important step in protecting you and your family and we look forward to your call at 01 8015808 to discuss your requirements or any issues that you might have. 

We hope that you and your family stay healthy.