Vhi various changes 01.08.2016

Vhi will change the prices of several plans on 1 August 2016, Vhi will also offer 50% child rates on all ‘One Plans’, Teachers Plan Select and Nurses Plan Select plans. A full list of price changes can be found here. FileVhi template 01.08.2016.xlsx

Vhi will remove PMI 04 11 and PMI 11 11 from the market on 1 August. Members of these plans will be offered a comparable plan at renewal.

Benefit Changes:
New Vhi Fertility Programme added to a number of plans.
New Vhi Vision Care Package added to a number of plans.
Increase in % cover in the Mater Private increased from 45% to 55% on a number of plans.
The out-patient excess on PMI 12 11 will change from €150 to €125 per person.

All benefit changes can be found here. FileVhi benefit changes 01.08.2016.xlsx

These changes are effective from this date.

The above information was sourced with the permission of the Health Insurance Authority from their website www.hia.ie. Our thanks to them for their assistance.