Vhi Healthcare benefit changes 01.08.2017

Vhi Healthcare will make the following benefit changes to the listed plans on 1 August 2017:

New Vhi  Swiftcare Benefits will be added to 9 plans:

One Plan Access
One Plan Access Plus
One Plan 150
One Plan 250
One Plan 500
Company Plan Extra Select
PMI 29 12
PMI 37 13
PMI 44 16


The remaining Vhi plans will gain enhanced Swiftcare benefits from 1 August 2017, with the exception of PMI 18 11 and PMI 38 14 which will gain benefits from 22 August 2017, and PMI 12 11, PMI 15 11 and PMI 19 11 which will change from 1 September 2017.  These benefit changes can be viewed here.FileVhi Swiftcare benefits.xlsx


All new and enhanced Swiftcare benefits can be used immediately by policy holders without any additional waiting periods.

The above information was sourced with the permission of the Health Insurance Authority from their website www.hia.ie. Our thanks to them for their assistance.