Unleash Back-to-School Savings with LFS

Summer’s sun is setting, and the back-to-school whirlwind is almost upon us. But fear not! Lyons Financial Services is your secret weapon for saving smart and securing a stellar school year. We’re here to unveil a treasure trove of expert tips that’ll turbocharge your back-to-school shopping, without sending your bank account into a tailspin.

1. Master Your Money Game – Budget Like a Pro!

Before you hit the shops, arm yourself with a rock-solid budget that’s got you covered from textbooks to trendy tees. Brace yourself, there’s even a Back-to-School Clothing and Footwear Allowance up for grabs. Don’t miss out – see here for the inside scoop. And guess what? Free primary schoolbooks are about to be your wallet’s best friend in the 2023/24 school year! See more here.

2. Necessities First – Ditch the FOMO!
Who needs flashy when you’ve got functional? Those fancy backpacks and snazzy shoes are tempting, but start with the must-haves. Think sturdy shoes that’ll last, and generic pieces that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Pssst…leave room for growth, and don’t let last-minute chaos sneak up on you!

3. Ransack the Sales Scene – Be a Bargain Hunter!
Get ready to conquer the sales battlefield! Scout for jaw-dropping back-to-school sales and discounts. Get savvy – research, compare, and unlock the best deals. And guess what? Vouchers and discounts are your VIP pass to savings paradise.

4. Kid Power – Turn Your Mini Shoppers into Money Mavericks!
Give your kids a taste of the financial life! Bring them into the shopping action by setting spending limits and letting them make the call within those boundaries. Early financial empowerment? Nailed it!

5. Prep for Future Thrills – Financial Forecasting

School’s not the only adventure. Plan ahead for extracurricular escapades, tours, and holiday surprises. Ace that future-ready financial strategy!

6. Bulk Up Your Savings – Smart Buys for Smart Savings!
Bulk up, save big! Stock up on essentials like a champ – from snacks to stationery. Watch your savings multiply while you shop in style.

7. Embrace Thrift Chic – Second-Hand Steals 
Ready to rewrite the rules of style? Embrace the world of second-hand treasures from charity shops and online markets. Score books, uniforms, and gear that won’t empty your wallet. Why not check out SchoolDays.ie for buying/selling school books? It’s your golden ticket to a wallet-friendly school book shopping extravaganza!

8. After-School Adventures – Cost-Cutting on Cruise Control!
Keep that savings momentum going with genius moves for after-school gear. Opt for second-hand treasures or why not consider spreading payments/membership fees out like a pro?

9. Teach Money Magic!
This back-to-school season, turn your kids into financial whizzes. Lyons Financial Services is your partner-in-crime for teaching money tips and tricks.

Lyons Financial Services is here to power up your back-to-school journey! These turbo-charged saving hacks aren’t just tips – they’re your golden ticket to a triumphant school year and a financially brilliant future.