Did you Sign Up for Health Insurance in 2015?

Last year, in the run up to 1st May, almost 80,000 new subscribers signed up for Health Insurance, with approx. 40% of these joining on 30th April alone!

The reason there was this surge in new members was because new legislation was introduced in relation to Health Insurance in Ireland. Up to May 2015, everybody in Ireland was charged the same premium for a particular health insurance plan, irrespective of their age, gender and the current or likely future state of their health. This is called community rating.

However it all changed last May, with the introduction of Lifetime Community Rating (LCR). Under LCR, community rating is modified to reflect the age at which a person takes out private health insurance. Late entry loadings are applied to the premiums of those who join the health insurance market at age 35 or over. If you take out private health insurance earlier in life, and retain it, you will pay lower premiums compared to someone who joins when they are older.

This is all good news?

Well of course it is good news that almost 80,000 people signed up for health insurance! However many of these customers rushed to buy cover in order to beat the LCR deadline. A lot of people bought their plans on-line and maybe didn’t really consider what the plans actually  cover.

Many of the plans bought would have been basic entry level plans, as they are the cheapest option and attractive to people making quick decisions. However these plans offer a very low quality of cover, and may only give access to inpatient public hospital cover.

It is important that members are aware of what they are paying for, and how their plan will benefit them (or will not benefit them) should they require medical treatment. As your health insurance advisor Lyons Financial Services are best placed to review your plan, and can ensure that you have the right cover in place for your specific circumstances.

With numerous promotions available with all providers, member can upgrade their cover to a more comprehensive plan which will give better access to private hospitals and treatment centres, and will give more money back on general day to day medical expenses.

Why was LCR introduced?
The primary purpose of introducing LCR is to encourage people to purchase health insurance at a younger age. Encouraging more people to join the market at younger ages helps spread the costs of older and less healthy people across the market, helping to support affordable premium levels for all.

Age at entry loadings now apply on health insurance policies written from the 1 May 2015. From this date, anyone who takes out private health insurance at age 35 or over, and who do not have qualifying periods of credit, will pay a loading. The level of loading will depend on the age at which the person takes out private health insurance. The only way to avoid paying late entry loadings is to take out private health insurance before reaching the age of 35.

And the loading can be significant if you delay in taking out your Health insurance. If you are purchasing a private health insurance policy for the first time at age 35 years or older you will pay a 2% loading on top of your premium for every year you are aged over 34. For example, if you take out a private health insurance policy for the first time at age 40 you will pay 12% more than someone who took out their cover before the grace period expired. And you will pay this loading for every year of your policy.

If you are age 35 or over, the loading is just increasing every year you delay in taking out cover. So it makes sense to enter the market as soon as possible. If you already have cover in place, it is also really important to keep your cover going, to ensure that you don’t end up with a loading on your policy when you re-enter the market.

What should you do now?

If you are one of the 80,000 who entered the market around this time last year, your first renewal is fast approaching. Now is the time to review your cover and make sure that you have the right Health Insurance policy to meet your needs.

We also know that this can be a minefield for you, finding the best plan to suit your circumstances. So we stand ready and waiting in Lyons Financial Services to help you… just give us a call on 01 8015808.