PSFS Making a Claim


Our Role is to guide you through the claims process in a friendly, informative and compassionate manner. We understand the worry that comes with being out sick and facing financial uncertainty and so we work on your behalf to get claims process and paid promptly. 

Important Late Notification of Claims

Sometimes, when a significant period of time  (approx. 3 months) has elapsed after the end of the Deferred Period, it is often not possible to retrospectively assess the validity of a claim. For this reason, it is vital that you register your claim promptly in line with the guidelines given (8-9 weeks before the end of the Deferred Period). In the case of a late notification of  a claim, cases will be assessed on individual merit and the insurer reserves the right to decline to assess the claim. 

Definition of Disability 

In order for a claim to be paid, the Insurer must be satisfied that you are totally disabled. This means that you are totally unable to carry out the duties of your normal occupation because of illness or injury and that you are not engaged in any other occupation (whether or not for profit, reward, renumeration or benefit-in-kind).

Medical Underwriting

The insurer’s role is to assess the medical information provided and seek further medical information if necessary.  This may involve requesting additional medical information from your GP/Specialist during the process.

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Please note that all calls are recorded for verification purposes