Our Advice Process

At LFS, we have developed a very robust advice process. This enables us to identify your financial objectives and to ultimately devise solutions to help you achieve those objectives.

LFS Advice process

Initial Review

  • We gain a complete understanding of your current financial position
  • We build a picture of your current assets & liabilities
  • We help you to identify your income and outgoings
  • Finally we seek a range of other relevant information to help us design the optimal plan for you.


Financial Objectives

  • We help you to identify what you want to achieve financially
  • We help you set timeframes for these goals
  • Finally we ensure that you set realistic expectations around achieving these goals


Risk Profile

  • First of all we explain the relationship between risk and reward
  • We help you to identify your own personal attitude to risk
  • Once you identify your attitude to risk, we help you identify whether or not you have the financial capacity to live with your preferred level of risk


Identify Solutions

  • Based on the earlier analysis, we make recommendations to help you achieve your financial objectives
  • We make sure that you have a crystal clear understanding of all the proposed solutions
  • Then together we agree a course of action and which proposed solutions will be implemented.


Market Research

  • Now that we’re clear on what you need, we research the market to identify the best product for you
  • We also identify the best product provider for your particular needs
  • Finally, we ensure that you get the best terms possible


Implement the Solutions

  • First of all, we make sure you have a full understanding of each stage of the implementation process
  • Then we help you to complete the paperwork
  • We also liaise with the provider on your behalf to ensure the process is as smooth as possible
  • We also ensure solution is fully implemented


Future Reviews

  • Finally we agree a regular review schedule with you
  • On an ongoing basis we monitor the performance of any products in place for you
  • If necessary as circumstances change, we take action as appropriate to adjust the financial plan.

What Our Clients Say

Just want to say thank you for all your help and advice and for being so patient with us. We are so delighted with our new home. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you and God bless.

Mae & Ramir

Many thanks for all your assistance in dealing with my claim under the Income Protection Scheme for period Jan 16 to Nov 16. For your efficiency and keeping in touch with me throughout and for all your work with the insurance company.

Rosaleen, Co. Laois

Many thanks for all your help and assistance in switching our health insurance. We were anxious about switching but you made the whole thing so easy and saved us a fortune as well. We can now afford a family holiday as a result.

Eamonn and Jackie, Co Galway

Lyons Financial Services arranged our Mortgage, Income Protection and Health Insurance and saved us so much time and money. They are so nice and efficient; we will always deal with them in the future.

Angela & Peter, Tuam, Co. Galway

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