Now’s the Time to Look at Your Health Insurance!

It’s that time of year again… Christmas is drawing closer and the New Year beckons. For us in Lyons Financial Services, this is the onset of our busiest time of year with nearly 50% of Health insurance customers renewing between December and March, and 20% of that due to renew in January alone.

The Health Insurance market in Ireland changed hugely in 2015, with the introduction of Lifetime Community Rating. This is a mechanism to encourage younger people to take out health insurance, to help control premium inflation. We’ve also seen a raft of new policies introduced, which make finding the right policy a more bewildering challenge than ever for consumers.

Attention can be easily distracted by some of the new benefits on offer. However members are not always aware of the benefits they are losing.  So it is vital that you make the right decision to ensure that you continue to have the cover you need. As well as the new plans available, a number of the Health Insurance providers are also offering discounted plans for children.

We have established ourselves as one of the leading Health Insurance advisors in the Irish market. We will be able to find the right plan for you and your family.

We pride ourselves on understanding your requirements, making clear recommendations, and helping you to get the best plan for you in place without any fuss. It is our job to understand the ins and outs of all of the different plans. This enables us to make sure you can get the right cover in place.

We also make it easy for companies and other organisations to operate health insurance schemes on behalf of their employees or members. We operate highly efficient salary deduction schemes, which make it easier for employers and employees alike to manage the payment of their health insurance contributions and to claim their tax relief on these payments. Our aim is to provide you with expert advice, find the right plan for you and then quickly get your plan up and running.

So whether you are new to the Health Insurance market, are looking to renew your existing plan or indeed want to make sure you have the very best plan for your own circumstances, give us a call at Lyons and we’ll make sure you’re on the right track.