Mortgage Product for Public Sector Employees

We are delighted to advise of a new innovative mortgage product designed for Public Sector Employees that is now available through LFS’s Complete Mortgage Service.

The Mortgage is designed especially for Public Sector Employees

  • Rates from 2.4% p.a.
  • Flexible Repayment Options
  • Overtime & Allowances accepted
  • Mortgage breaks throughout the term
  • Streamlined Mortgage Application process for Public Sector Employees
  • We take your basic pay as two points up the salary scale.

Here in Lyons Financial Services we utilise our expertise in getting the best mortgage for all our clients. We cater for all applications whether you are a first-time buyer, switching your mortgage or building your new home. Along with this we find the best mortgage to suit your needs. To add to our complete mortgage service, we now have a new mortgage product that is designed specifically for Civil Servants that utilises your specific employment benefits and provides you with the best mortgage available today. 

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