Laya Healthcare release 360 Care 01.07.2017

Laya Healthcare will release 360 Care on 1 July 2017.

360 Care (€1,750 per adult and €447.98 per child) provides cover for a private room in a public hospital and a private room and day case cover in private hospitals and the Beacon hospital with no private hospital excess per claim.

Full cover is provided for day case and cardiac procedures in the Blackrock Clinic and Mater Private hospitals with no excess.
No shortfall applies in the Blackrock Clinic, Mater Private and the Beacon hospital for specified orthopaedic procedures.

Three nights cover in a public hospital is provided for maternity accomodation costs and up to €4,000 for home births.The plan has significant Maternity and Fertility benefits such as baby massage classes, breastfeeding consultations, midwifery service and up to €3,550 for benefits towards specific fertility treatment and tests at Laya Healthcare approved centres.

The plan also has significant outpatient benefits such as a 75% refund for consultant’s fees, GP costs and physiotheraphy costs with a €1 outpatient excess per person.
This plan is available to all new and existing customers from this date.

The above information was sourced with the permission of the Health Insurance Authority from their website Our thanks to them for their assistance.