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Expert advice and comparisons of private health insurance for Intel members.  With so many plans to choose from and unique needs to be catered for, and a budget to keep in mind, let one of our friendly experienced advisors give you the right advice.  Members can benefit from exclusive corporate discounts on certain health insurance plans and payment by salary deduction.  For more information on our health insurance plans, talk to our health insurance team today. 

LFS are proud of our Complete Mortgage Service with a full suite of mortgage lenders to choose from, our senior mortgage advisors will guide you through the process whether you’re a first time buyer, a switcher, or releasing equity and see what you can save. Click here to get a mortgage quote and take the first steps to owning you new home. 

As a composite broker, we also arrange a wide variety of General Insurance products from Home Insurance, to Pet Insurance, Motor and Travel insurance we strive to get the best deals for our members without compromising on quality

We believe supporters of the PSFS understand the value of peace of mind and the importance of being able to support each other in times of need.

Have you thought about who relies on your support and your ability to earn an income? Having Income Protection in place will give you peace of mind and will ensure you can continue with your normal financial commitments if you can’t work because of an illness or injury. PSFS members can get an exclusive discount on Income Protection with LFS, there is tax relief on this type of policy too, so it’s more affordable than you might think.  

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Have you considered AVCs?

Our knowledgeable financial advisors are available to
speak with you about setting up an AVC.

Our aim is to provide a clear jargon-free understanding of your existing pension scheme and entitlements based on when your employment commenced and how you can work towards financial freedom in retirement and pay less income tax during your working life.

Remember: Always find out what charges are involved with setting up an AVC.

• LFS don’t charge a set-up fee for regular premium AVCs, our members get 98%allocation and the annual management charge is 1%.

• Our fees are very competitive especially when compared with other providers.

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