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Lyons Financial Services and IHCA together offer a number of valuable financial services schemes, exclusively for IHCA consultants. These schemes offer valuable additional benefits to individuals in a range of areas and products. 


Protecting the important things in life

In today’s dynamic world, unexpected events can disrupt your livelihood. Discover the peace of mind that comes from knowing your income is safeguarded, ensuring you can focus on what matters most – your future and your loved ones.

How does it work?
If you’re unable to work because you’re sick or injured, income protection will provide you with a replacement income until you either get better and return to work or until retirement age if you don’t. After a “deferred period”, the insurer pays your replacement income to you. This will be any amount up to 75% of your salary.
• The cost of income protection depends on several factors such as the amount of cover, your age, your occupation and your state of health.
• There are many other factors that we take into consideration when recommending the right level of cover for you such as your occupation, income, health, if your employer is providing cover and when you would need your replacement cover to begin. We will also ensure that you get this cover at the lowest premium available.
• This cover also attracts income tax relief at your marginal rate of tax, which helps hugely in reducing the cost of this cover to you.

Complete Mortgage Service for IHCA Consultants

LFS are proud of our Complete Mortgage Service with a full suite of mortgage lenders to choose from, our senior mortgage advisors will guide you through the process whether you’re a first time buyer, a switcher, or releasing equity and see what you can save.

Health Insurance for IHCA Consultants

Health Insurance for You and Your Family

Our aim is to provide you with expert advice, find the right plan for you and then quickly get your plan up and running. This is what you can expect from Lyons Financial Services:

  • Initial review: We carry out an initial assessment of your existing cover, looking at the overall competitiveness of your plan.
  • Identify your requirements: We carry out a detailed assessment of your health insurance requirements. This is based on your own profile and that of your family, identifying features and benefits that are more important to you. Understanding your specific requirements is a critical part of the health insurance broker’s role.
  • Plan identification: We then examine each of the plans available and identify the best health insurance plan to fit your criteria. We also examine any implications and optimal timings of switching cover from one provider to another. We aim to deliver the plan that provides the most relevant benefits for you, at the most competitive cost, and to enable you to seamlessly access this plan.
  • Set up new plan: Once you’ve decided on your chosen plan, we help you complete the paperwork and get your new plan set up. We also help you cancel your existing cover at the correct time to ensure there is no break in your cover at any stage.

Specified Illness Plan for IHCA Consultants

The IHCA Specified Illness Cover Plan has been providing financial peace of mind to consultants for years with a range of benefits, including four different levels of cover to choose from, and no requirement to undergo medical underwriting, there is an affordable option to suit everyone.

Consultants can choose to include their spouse or partner in the plan too and their children are automatically covered to age 25.

The plan is backed by Irish Life, one of Ireland’s most reliable insurance companies.

The plan has recently been enhanced and you can get a lump sum pay out of up to €25,000 if you suffer one of 36 specified serious illness like cancer, heart attack or a stroke.  There are also 10 less severe illnesses that are covered by the plan for an additional payment of up to €10,000 without affecting your main cover under than plan.

Life Assurance for IHCA Consultants

Life assurance plays a critical role in professional financial planning. One of the key elements of financial planning is to look at “What if?” scenarios. Unfortunately, death is one such scenario that needs to be considered. However, life assurance can provide security against a range of challenges in the event of death.

None of us want to think about the impact on the lives of those close to us in the event of our untimely death. However, this is something that needs and deserves careful planning. One opportunity we all have is to ensure that financial stress is not added as an additional burden at this very difficult time.

By using life assurance, you can ensure financial security for your family in the event of your untimely death. You can ensure that your family have sufficient financial resources to continue their lifestyle without you. This removes one major cause of worry as they deal with their loss. Of course, if you are married, it makes sense to have life assurance cover to cover the loss of either you or your spouse.

Dental Insurance for IHCA Consultants

Lyons Financial and DeCare Dental understand that each individual has unique oral health needs. Our dental insurance plans are tailored to align with your specific oral health requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of products, giving you the flexibility to choose the coverage that suits your preferences. In addition to our insurance offerings, we provide a personalised oral health program. This program is designed to optimise your dental well-being, ensuring you receive the best care and support for your specific needs.

Right for You
• Immediate cover
• Tangible, regular use benefit
• Encourages better oral health
• Fast & easy claiming
• Friendly customer service

PRSA/AVC’S for IHCA Consultants


Our knowledgeable financial advisors are available to speak with you about setting up an AVC.

Our aim is to provide a clear jargon-free understanding of your existing pension scheme and entitlements based on when your employment commenced and how you can work towards financial freedom in retirement and pay less income tax during your working life.

Remember: Always find out what charges are involved with setting up an AVC.

• LFS don’t charge a set-up fee for regular premium AVCs, our members get up to 98% allocation and the annual management charge is 1%.

• Our fees are very competitive especially when compared with other providers.

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Discounted General Insurance for IHCA Consultants

Expert advice and comparisons of private health insurance for IHCA Consultants.  With so many plans to choose from and unique needs to be catered for, and a budget to keep in mind, let one of our friendly experienced advisors give you the right advice.  Consultants can benefit from exclusive discounts on certain health insurance plans and payment by salary deduction.  For more information on our health insurance plans, talk to our health insurance team today. 

Savings and Investment Plans for IHCA Consultants

If you’re looking to save regularly for your future or your children’s future like an education fund we can help you make an informed decision on whether a regular investment savings plan could be the right fit for you. 

Or you may wish to invest a lump sum for the future, and we can help with that too. IHCA Consultants benefit from generous allocation rates and low annual management charges.