Lyons Financial Services and IHCA together offer a number of valuable financial services schemes, exclusively for IHCA members. These schemes offer valuable additional benefits to members in a range of areas and products. Check back soon for more details or contact one of our team below 

Special Offer!!

AVCs for Civil and Public Servants

Special Offer Banner PensionsOur knowledgeable financial advisors are available to
speak with you about setting up an AVC.

Our aim is to provide a clear jargon-free understanding of your existing pension scheme and entitlements based on when your employment commenced and how you can work towards financial freedom in retirement and pay less income tax during your working life.

Remember: Always find out what charges are involved with setting up an AVC.

• LFS don’t charge a set-up fee for regular premium AVCs, our members get 98%allocation and the annual management charge is 1%.

• Our fees are very competitive especially when compared with other providers.

Call us today to find out more 01 801 5808 | AVC@LFS.ie