Health Insurance for Employers

As employers today seek to look after their employees’ welfare while keeping a keen eye on costs, Corporate Health Schemes need frequent analysis.

The benefits for a company of operating a health insurance plan for their employees are numerous;

  • It is an attractive added benefit that will help attract and retain staff.
  • Reduces the stress and worry of staff when they or a member of their family are ill.
  • Access to better healthcare will help to reduce absenteeism rates.

However the imperative to find the most cost effective solution is critical for companies. This is where the expertise of Lyons Financial Services can be hugely beneficial to employers. Whether you are setting up a health insurance scheme for the first time, or indeed want to review whether you have the best scheme in place, we can help. We can help you to establish a scheme to meet your particular cost requirements and we have experience of setting up schemes that are funded by a range of methods;

  • Employer paid schemes
  • Shared cost between the employer and employee
  • Employee paid by salary deduction
  • Enabling employees to avail of a group discount in the employer’s name
  • We will negotiate additional group discounts for your employees.

If you have an existing scheme in place, we will look to gain absolute clarity on your objectives in relation to your health insurance scheme, carry out a full review of your existing scheme, and if appropriate will make recommendations to switch to a better plan.

If a switch of scheme makes sense for you, we will manage this process with the minimum of fuss. We will also ensure the switch is seamless with no break in cover or distribution to your employees cover.

We’ll manage the communication process with your employees, both remotely and also on-site to deal with any of their queries and to explain all of the features and benefits. We’ll do this at times that suit your business, to minimise any disruption in your workplace. We will look after all administration of your employees policies, in fact we will be the only point of contact your employees will ever need and we are also available to answer any queries they may have, whether it be an amendment to their plan, questions in relation to their benefits or even to confirm cover should they require a procedure.We’ll also make it very straightforward to add new members to the scheme and to make changes as required.

We’ll then also ensure that all of the features of the scheme best fit your particular requirements. These include the renewal date of the scheme, the payment date and indeed your payment method.

For more details of how Lyons Financial Services can help you to manage your employees’ health insurance needs, please contact us.