Health Insurance Comparison

With 3 providers and over 300 plans in the marketplace, how are you supposed to carry out an effective health insurance comparison? To make your task even more difficult, there is all the terminology, jargon, different definitions and features that make it difficult to compare the various plans!

However the good news is that there are is a way to make your task easier and that is to talk to an independent financial adviser who has expertise in the health insurance market and get them to do the work for you! It is their job to understand all the terminology and to know the difference between all the plans. They can carry out the health insurance comparison on your behalf and find the right plan to meet your particular circumstances and needs.

At Lyons Financial Services, we carry out the comparison for you and find you the right plan. We do all of this legwork at no extra cost to you!

When we are carrying out a health insurance comparison for you, we look at a whole range of factors including;

  • Your particular family profile
  • An overview of your current health care spending
  • The level of privacy and comfort you would want if you required hospital treatment
  • Your stage of life
  • Any specialist requirements that you might have
  • The cost of the plans that may be appropriate for you

Once we carry out this detailed analysis of your particular requirements, we can then carry out a proper health insurance comparison for you. We then walk you through the features, benefits and costs of each of the options that we believe are worth considering by you and then we help you to choose the very best health insurance plan for you.

The aim of this exercise is to remove the cost of care as a significant issue for you in the event of you or your family needing health care. To compare your current health insurance plan with others available in the market, please contact us!

What Our Clients Say

Just want to say thank you for all your help and advice and for being so patient with us. We are so delighted with our new home. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you and God bless.

Mae & Ramir

Many thanks for all your assistance in dealing with my claim under the Income Protection Scheme for period Jan 16 to Nov 16. For your efficiency and keeping in touch with me throughout and for all your work with the insurance company.

Rosaleen, Co. Laois

Many thanks for all your help and assistance in switching our health insurance. We were anxious about switching but you made the whole thing so easy and saved us a fortune as well. We can now afford a family holiday as a result.

Eamonn and Jackie, Co Galway

Lyons Financial Services arranged our Mortgage, Income Protection and Health Insurance and saved us so much time and money. They are so nice and efficient; we will always deal with them in the future.

Angela & Peter, Tuam, Co. Galway

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