GloHealth various changes 30.06.2016

From 30th June 2016 GloHealth will make a number of changes across its plans:

1.    The “Hospital Care” cash plan range will be retired, affected customers will be offered an alternative plan at renewal.

2.    GloDoc will be added to all remaining plans and will be available immediately to all eligible policyholders.

3.    New upgrade waiting periods for new conditions will be applied. These waiting periods are 26 weeks for under 55 years of age, 1 year for 55-64 years and 2 years for 65+ years.

4.    New benefits will be added to Personalised Packages across Core, Net and Kick-off, Bloom, Nurture & Zest plans. The personalised packages can be found HERE. These packages will be available immediately from 30 June to all eligble policyholders, policyholders won’t have to wait until renewal and will be notified of access to new benefits.

5.    New emergency out-patient abroad benefit added to plans with overseas cover.

6.    Hospital network change to Zest & Nurture ranges; 5 public orthopaedic hospitals will be removed from the networks.

7.    A number of benefit changes have been made to Best Choice, Best Plan Ultimate Cash II, Best Ultimate, Net One Extra Privacy plans and the Bloom, Nurture, Zest ranges. All benefit changes can be found here. FileGloHealth changes effective 30.06.2016.xlsx.

8.   Better Plan Smart Cash adult premiums will increase from €1,210 to €1,260, children’s premiums will increase from €360 to €373. Best Plan Ultimate Cash II adult premium’s will decrease from €1,719 to €1,593.76. The premium of children aged 3 and over will decrease from €458 to €421.88 and children aged less than 3 will go free.

These changes apply to all new and renewing customers from this date.

The above information was sourced with the permission of the Health Insurance Authority from their website Our thanks to them for their assistance.