Glo Health various changes 01.09.2014

GloHealth will retire the Good Saver Plan on 1 September 2014.

Glohealth will also make changes to the benefits of 4 personalised packages on 01.09.2014.

The Dental & Optical package will include a dental hygienist benefit of €25 x 2 visits, the Emergency Dental benefit will increase from €200 to €350.

The Family & Kids Health package will include a €30 contribution for Adult membership to Athletics Ireland.

The Sports Cover Package will allow the benefit for a physiotherapist to also be claimed for a physical therapist and also will include a €30 contribution for adult membership to Athletics Ireland.

The Enhanced Maternity package will increase the pre/post natal costs benefit from €200 to €300.

Glohealth will also make the following changes on 01.09.2014 to its outpatient plans.

The GP benefit will increase from €35 back per visit to €40 back per visit on the Daily Care Best Plan.

The definition for nutritionist will be amended to Dietician and Nutritionist on the Daily Care GoodBetter and Best plans.

These changes will apply to all new and renewing customers from the 1 September 2014.

The above information was sourced with the permission of the Health Insurance Authority from their website Our thanks to them for their assistance.