FORSA Clerical Grade – Income
Continuance Plan

With effect from November 2016, Lyons Financial Services has negotiated an enhanced Income Continuation Scheme on behalf of FORSA members. While your Sick Pay arrangement will provide you with a replacement income in the event of you being unable to work, the amounts payable begin to reduce after 3 months payment, eventually leading to you becoming reliant on either an Ill-Health Early Retirement Pension and / or Social Welfare Disability Benefits. As a result of this dramatic fall in your income levels, you’ll find that the stress and misery associated with your illness is exacerbated by the financial pressures of trying to survive on this reduced income.

The Income Continuance Plan (ICP) maintains your income at 75% of your salary if you are unable to work due to illness or an accident. This will allow you focus on what is important – your health and getting better without the financial strain.

The scheme also now offers a number of important enhancements for members;

  • Accidental Death Benefit of €20,000
  • 3 months Survivor Benefit paid in the event of the death of a member who is currently claiming benefit from the scheme.
  • A reduced cost to members of 1.27% of salary (with tax relief available)

Cost Examples

SalaryGross Cost per WeekNet Cost per Week
€25,000€6.39€5.11 (20% tax)
€35,000€8.95€7.16 (40% tax)

For more information with regards to the benefits of the Income Continuance Plan, please see the member booklet.

To apply for cover under the FORSA Income Continuance Plan, please complete the application form or alternatively, please contact us.