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Life Insurance Overview

Life insurance plays a critical role in professional financial planning. One of the key elements of financial planning is to look at “What if?” scenarios. Unfortunately death is one such scenario that needs to be considered. However life insurance can provide security against a range of challenges in the event of death.

None of us want to think about the impact on the lives of those close to us in the event of our untimely death. However this is something that needs and deserves careful planning. One opportunity we all have is to ensure that financial stress is not added as an additional burden at this very difficult time.

Financial security for your family

This is the primary reason for life insurance. By using life insurance, you can ensure financial security in the event of your untimely death. You can ensure that your family have sufficient financial resources to continue their lifestyle without you. This removes one major cause of worry as they deal with their loss.

Of course if you are married, it makes sense to have life insurance cover to cover the loss of either you or your spouse.

Securing your home

Most lenders will insist upon a mortgage protection policy remaining in force for the lifetime of a mortgage. This ensures that in the event of death, the mortgage is immediately repaid and your home is secure. It is vitally important to always have sufficient mortgage protection insurance in place to cover any outstanding mortgage.


Payment of Inheritance tax

Death can also trigger another very unwelcome event – a tax bill. This will typically arise when sufficient assets are made available to anyone other than a spouse. While this is not an issue if there is cash left to these people, the situation changes if they are assets such as property. It may not be timely to sell the property or indeed there may be a desire to keep it, but there could be a tax liability to settle. Life insurance can be arranged to ensure there is cash available on death to cover such a tax liability, removing another headache for those receiving an inheritance

Business Insurance

Death can also cause challenges if you own a share in a business. It makes no sense to risk everything by not protecting it against a death of you, a co-director or an important shareholder. Will the business be financially able to continue? Will it be possible for the remaining shareholders to buy your shares? There is a range of Business Protection solutions available to ensure that your business is protected in the event of the loss of any of your key people or partners.

There are many uses of life insurance and indeed many types of cover available. Deciding the right level and type of cover for you, and then finding the best policy is difficult. It is always best to talk to an independent financial adviser who will help you to identify the right cover for your particular circumstances and will then ensure that you get this cover at the lowest premium available to you.

At Lyons Financial Services we are experts in life insurance. We advise significant numbers of clients in both the public and private sectors on how best to protect those closest to them.

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