At Lyons Financial Services, we work with a wide range of employers in both the public and private sectors to help them establish cost effective employee benefit packages that deliver real benefit to their employees.

We understand the importance of these packages in both attracting and retaining staff, and also the need to identify and deliver the most cost effective solutions. We pride ourselves on our Research capability, gaining a full and complete understanding of your requirements and then overlaying our knowledge of our marketplace to identify the optimal solution for you – our Advice proposition. We then employ our Implementation capability to put any solutions in place for you with the minimum of fuss.

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Health Insurance

With over 40,000 health insurance customers, we pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of the health insurance market in Ireland, the pros and cons of each of the 4 players and the approx. 250 plans that are available today. We help you to make sense of this complex area.

Many of these plans specifically enable employers to help their employees manage their health costs. At Lyons Financial Services we work with you to identify your objectives in this important area, we identify the most suitable health insurance plan to help you achieve your objectives and then help you to implement your chosen solution.

We can then implement a salary deduction mechanism
to facilitate easy collection of premiums from members
if required. This eases the administration burden on
the employer by automating the collection of any contribution from employees. The salary deduction facility also encourages the employee to maintain their Health Insurance premiums, ensuring their cover is in place as and when they need it.

Life Assurance & Income Protection

As part of an overall employee benefits package, employer sponsored life assurance and income protection schemes usually play a central role. These schemes provide financial protection to employees and/or their families in the event of death or disability and assist everyone; employer, employee & families to move forward in such difficult circumstances.

At Lyons Financial Services, we help you to design schemes appropriate to your needs and to source and implement the most preferred product solution.


First of all, we help you to understand your pension obligations. Then we help you to define your objectives in relation to pension planning for your employees and how these might differ throughout your organisation. We then research the market to identify the best retirement planning solution to meet your requirements and help you to implement the chosen course of action.

For more information on how Lyons Financial Services can help you protect the welfare of your employees and attract & retain employees, please contact us.