Complete Mortgage Service for
AHCPS members

Getting a mortgage is not a complicated process when you are teamed up with knowledgeable professionals – people who have the experience to take you from start to finish in the most efficient manner possible. Here at Lyons Financial Services, we provide a complete mortgage service for AHCPS members. We combine efficiency and knowledge along with honesty, full disclosure and the ability to develop a trusting friendship throughout the entire process. We guarantee no jargon and no fuss.

Our complete mortgage service for AHCPS members includes:

  • Initial discussion to identify your unique requirements
  • Research to create a list of the lenders who best suits these requirements
  • Assistance in completing the application from and presenting this for approval to the lenders
  • Selection of the appropriate lender
  • Communicating with your solicitor
  • Managing the completion process

So whether you are a first time buyer, moving house or consolidating your loans we can find the right mortgage for you.