A Company Health Insurance Scheme – Attract and Retain the Best People

A Company Health Insurance Scheme – Attract and Retain the Best People

There are lots of questions to be considered with a Company Health Insurance Scheme: the benefits required by employees, whether family members are included, the cost of plans etc. As the economy continues to pick up and businesses recover and start to grow again, one of the biggest challenges facing employers is attracting and retaining the best people.

While salary levels are obviously very important to people, employers are finding more and more that having a broader employee benefits package is essential to building a strong team.

One important element of this is corporate health insurance plans. These come in all shapes and sizes and can be paid for totally by the employer, partially paid by the employer or indeed simply facilitated by the employer.

With literally hundreds of different plans on offer, getting the right solution in place is a daunting and sometimes overwhelming problem for companies.

Many Employers in both the public and the private sector now utilise the services of qualified health advisers, to cut through the complexity of the market. The adviser will help you identify your employee benefit objective, your budget, your company’s own level of financial contribution and with all of this information, they will devise the optimal health insurance solution for you.

Over the years Health Insurance has become more and more difficult to understand and now more than ever expert advice is essential. With Lifetime Community Rating, on-going price increases and new plans available from all insurers, members are unsure which plan is best for their circumstances.

If you go it alone and contact any of the three Health Insurers, you will only receive advice on the products offered by them.  On the other hand, a Qualified Health Insurance Adviser will look at all the insurance providers, VHI, Laya Healthcare and Irish Life Health and recommend the most suitable product.