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A Comprehensive Guide to the Help to Buy Scheme in Ireland

Are you a first-time homebuyer with dreams of owning your own property? The Help to Buy scheme is a government initiative designed to make homeownership a reality for eligible buyers. In this article, we will simplify and clarify the information about the Help to Buy scheme, including its benefits, eligibility criteria, and the stages involved… Continue reading A Comprehensive Guide to the Help to Buy Scheme in Ireland

Mortgages in Ireland – Banks are lending

A TOTAL OF 9,091 new mortgages to the value of €2,142 million were drawn down by borrowers during the first quarter of 2021. The number of mortgages approved in March rose by 18.4% month-on-month and by 15.8% year-on-year. Contact Lyons Financial Services today and talk to our mortgage team about your mortgage needs.misinformed.

Why Switch your Mortgage?

Switching your Mortgage in today’s market could be one of the best things you do, given the great low fixed rates that are available, some as low as 2.2% p.a.. The monthly savings alone could really make a difference to your monthly expenditure. A Mortgage in most cases is a lifetime expense, it is a… Continue reading Why Switch your Mortgage?

Is income protection really necessary?

Income Protection is sometimes described as the glue in a financial portfolio. The most devastating impact on your financial situation is likely to be caused by a loss of your income, and the inability to replace it. Unfortunately, people lose their jobs from time to time. However inevitably what tends to happen is that these… Continue reading Is income protection really necessary?

5 tips on getting a mortgage

Times have been tough for people looking to buy houses in recent years. Yes, prices have come down a lot since the Celtic Tiger days and also interest rates are at historic lows, which are both good news for borrowers. However on the other hands, getting a mortgage in recent years has been a difficult… Continue reading 5 tips on getting a mortgage

What can be done to ease switching your mortgage in Ireland?

Probably the biggest financial frustration facing Irish consumers today is the knowledge that the European Central Bank’s (ECB) main interest rate is now at zero, yet this is simply not being reflected in hundreds of thousands of mortgages in Ireland today. While all of those people who opted for tracker mortgages during the boom years… Continue reading What can be done to ease switching your mortgage in Ireland?

Could you Save Money on your Mortgage?

This is a question that we in Lyons Financial Services are asked all of the time. And really it’s one we expect to be asked, as after all, your mortgage is probably your biggest financial commitment during your lifetime. The good news is that the answer is often YES! The Central Bank of Ireland carried… Continue reading Could you Save Money on your Mortgage?

A Step by Step Guide to Getting a Mortgage

The big question on the minds of many of our clients today! How do you secure that elusive mortgage… Speak to a Lyons Financial Services Adviser If you are thinking about buying your new home, then you need to be considering taking out a mortgage. At Lyons Financial Services our Mortgage Advisers are here to help at… Continue reading A Step by Step Guide to Getting a Mortgage

The Financial Lifecycle of our Clients

We spend our days helping clients to plan their financial futures. What we see is that people face similar challenges depending on their stage of life. At the same time of course, each and every one of us has a unique set of circumstances, has our own specific financial objectives and needs bespoke advice to… Continue reading The Financial Lifecycle of our Clients

Securing a Mortgage Today

The property supplements in the Sunday newspapers are getting bigger each week and there’s a lot more positive talk about the housing market! So what do you need to do to give yourself the best chance of securing a mortgage to buy that house of your dreams? It has certainly been an interesting couple of… Continue reading Securing a Mortgage Today