AVC Life Assurance Plan for
FORSA members

AVC Life Assurance Plan for FORSA members

At Lyons Financial Services, we can help you reduce the financial burden on your family in the event of your untimely death, while also reducing your tax bill.

This Scheme provides a death in service benefit to Union members at a significantly reduced cost. As the Scheme is attached to the AVC Plan, members receive tax relief on the premiums paid. A salary deduction facility is available and as a result, tax relief can be availed of through payroll.

The current Structure of the Scheme is:

Scheme Benefits & Costs

Death BenefitGross Cost p.w.Net Cost p.w.
Option A€75,000€3.30€1.98*
Option B€105,000€4.50€2.70*
Option C€135,000€5.70€3.42*

*assumes tax relief at 40%

To apply for the AVC Life Assurance Plan, please download & complete the application form.

To find out more about the Plan please contact us.